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This is the traditionally what solicitors call “private client work”. It encompasses Wills, tax and estate planning, trust work, probate and the administration of estates. In addition there are the specialist areas of elderly client services and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Partner Mark Williams is a highly experienced specialist in such matters and runs the department together with Jo Folkes.

Mark has strong connections with accountants and financial advisers and is frequently recommended by fellow professionals.

A particularly topical area at present is that of Lasting Powers of Attorney (“LPA’s”). Many people associate these with the elderly and infirm but they are equally applicable to younger clients, for example those running businesses. It is our view that many people should have an LPA in place, and that they should be regarded in the same way as an insurance policy. Given that the alternative, in a situation where capacity is lost, is an application to the Court for a Deputyship Order (a lengthy and costly process), the ability to call upon an LPA that is already in place could be a lifeline for your family and business.

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